-BLACK Special-
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Luxury pearl  black paint

A new black color has been added to the EX-NEXT lineup. Instead of simple solid black paint, it is painted in black with pearl. The matt texture gives it a luxurious feel.

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Pearl Black paint also on the stand

The painted areas are the master unit and the standard grip stand.
*The stand for the Expert grip unit LDT is not painted.

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Newly designed Aluminum Steering Wheel

The aluminum steering wheel has been changed to a new design.


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Equipped with a new standard "XT" that achieves the fastest class communication speed in the industry.

You can choose and use from "XT advanced mode" which is the world record class response for one way communication and "XT telemetry mode" which is compatible for Telemetry ( 2 ways communication).

XT Advanced Mode
An all new control software and radio communication software of the EX-NEXT has been developed. World record class communication response and High resolution control are installed. "XT Advanced mode" that is the highest speed in EX-NEXT is about 3 times the speed of the EX-RR. The performance far exceeds the conventional high-speed communication.

XT Telemetry mode
EX-NEXT supports "XT Telemetry mode" that uses 2-way communication. When "4S series servos" that support serial compatible are connected to the B/S port in the new receiver KR-420XT, you can use "REAL TIME ICS". So, you can easily change parameters of servos from the transmitter without accessing the car directly. Setting your car with more freedom and more detail without compromise. Also, even using the XT Telemetry mode that is 2-way communication, the High-speed response is still faster thanthe EX-RR.

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High speed supported by Serial servo

Currently mainstream servo control method is performed by PWM control. PWM control method uses pulse width to send position of servos output from receiver. Serial control method uses a digital signal value to send the position of the servo output. So, communication speed of the Serial control method will be significantly faster than a PWM control method, time of the servo’s action from your operation input is shorter. Operating feeling will be ultra high speed like operating thecar directly.

KR-420XT image

Ultra small receiver KR-420XT

The ultra-compact receiver KR-420XT, which is equipped with the latest devices abundantly for the EX-NEXT. While maintaining the same footprint as the KR-418FH compact receiver, which has been very well received, the connector mounting height has been reduced, and the total volume is smaller then before. 5 Connecting ports for servos or ESC are equipped. Also, unused connecting ports can be use to power cooling fans and transponder for lap counting systems.

XT-MiniZ image

Supports MINI-Z by switching modes

EX-NEXT's high-speed response is also available for MINI-Z EVO. Mode switching allows switching from general RC car to MINI-Z mode. EX-NEXT is compatible with the "MINI-Z EVO Receiver Unit EX-NEXT MC-8". *MINI-Z is a product and registered trademark of KYOSHO CORPORATION.


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